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Auburn, MA Residential & Commercial HVAC, Plumbing & Water Heater Services

Whether you need a new water heater for your small business, or your large house is stifling during the summer because of a poor air conditioning system, we can take care of the issue, no sweat. We are your residential and commercial HVAC, plumbing and water heater specialists in the greater Auburn, MA area, whether you need a quick fix or a comprehensive new home HVAC or plumbing installation, our technicians and plumbers are ready to assist you. Contact HVAC Experts Inc. today.

Call on HVAC Experts Inc. if you need a plumber or residential & commercial HVAC, drain and sewer and water heater services in Auburn, MA.

Do You Need a Heating System or Heating Services in Auburn, MA?

One of the most important investments you’ll make as a homeowner is your heating system. We all know what an Auburn, MA winter can be like, and it’s imperative that you and your family keep warm, no matter how cold and dry the air gets. We offer a number of different heating systems for installation as well as replacement. Our heating services will make quick work of any repair or maintenance needs you may have as well.

We Offer Boilers and Boiler Service

It’s hardly surprising that numerous Americans choose boilers as their heating systems. They do not dry out the air and they remain highly energy efficient. Our boiler service ensures that you have a system whose heating output matches the size of your living space.

We Install and Service Gas and Electric Furnaces

In addition to boilers, we also provide our customers with high quality gas and electric furnaces for installation and replacement. Whether you opt for a gas furnace or an electric furnace, we’ll make sure that it’s appropriately sized. We also provide repair and maintenance.

We Install and Service Fireplaces

There is nothing quite so satisfying as a fireplace. They are aesthetically pleasing as well as effective heating systems. We install and service fireplaces for our clients throughout the Auburn, MA area. We can do the same for you. Call us today to schedule service.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner or Air Conditioning Services in Auburn?

If you want to keep your cool during the Auburn, MA summer, then you had better have a decent whole house cooling system. While portable units have their time and place, nothing beats the power and efficiency of a central air unit, heat pump or ductless mini split. We offer a number of different air conditioners for installation and replacement, and our air conditioning services will also ensure that your cooling system works well for years to come, whether you need repair or maintenance.

We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

One of the most important considerations when completing your air conditioning installation is the fit between the size of your living space and the cooling output of the system. We can make sure that your new central AC or ductless system is perfectly chosen and that it operates reliably for years to come.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

Every HVAC system breaks down sooner or later. Fortunately, we’re here to eliminate the issue at hand and to restore your cooling. Our air conditioning repair service is comprehensive and we’ll make sure that your ailing cooling system is back up and running in no time. No job is too large or small for our team.

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning

If you want to make sure that your air conditioning is as efficient as it is powerful, then consider a ductless air conditioning system for your home. We can make sure that all of your ductless mini split needs are taken care of, from new installation to repair and maintenance.

Are You Interested In Improving the Indoor Air Quality of Your Auburn Home?

It’s hard not to focus on the temperature during the winter and summer months, but it’s not the only factor that contributes to the comfort of you and your family while at home. You also need to make sure that your indoor air quality is high. This means that your air is clean and that your humidity levels are optimized. If you own a whole house HVAC system, then this is not difficult at all. We offer a number of whole house indoor air quality solutions that can integrate directly within your ductwork, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and UV air purifiers. Call us today to learn more.

We Offer and Service Air Purifiers

If you want to make certain that your air is cleaned thoroughly, then you need to install a whole house air purifier or a UV air purifier. These systems are specially designed to clean your air using an ionization process that remains highly energy efficient.

We Offer and Service Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Low and high humidity levels can not only be obnoxious, but they can also lead to trouble with the infrastructure of your home. We install and service quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can optimize your humidity levels.

We Offer Air Duct Cleaning Service

Your ducts are subject to wear and tear over the years, just like with any other part of the HVAC system. One of the key issues you need to address is the proliferation of dust and debris. Our air duct cleaning service is comprehensive, and we can make sure that your ducts are cleaned thoroughly.

Contact Our Plumbers for Plumbing Services in Auburn, MA

It’s comforting to know that you can call a single company for two of the most important aspects of your home: plumbing and HVAC. We have over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry, and we can make sure that all of your plumbing services in Auburn, MA are taken care of properly and promptly. Our plumbers are highly trained and certified, and we’re happy to undertake new home plumbing installations as well as emergency plumbing repair, bathroom plumbing and sump pump services, among numerous other products and services. You need only call our friendly staff today to learn more.

We Offer Plumbing Repair Service

Whether you have a leak or a clog within your plumbing system, it’s always a priority to have it fixed. We offer comprehensive plumbing repair service throughout the Auburn, MA area, and we can restore your plumbing pipes quickly.

We Can Install or Repair Your Bathroom Plumbing

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the home, and it’s because of the plumbing therein. From the toilet to the shower, the bathroom sink to the bathtub, you need to make sure that your bathroom plumbing is up to the task of your family’s needs. We can make it so.

We Offer Sump Pumps and Sump Pump Service

The best way to avoid water damage to your belongings in the basement or to the basement furnishings themselves is with installation of a sump pump. We offer quality sump pumps and we can make sure that your sump pump service is completed correctly.

Do You Need Drain or Sewer Repair Services in Auburn?

While you may think solely of the water that comes out of the tap when you think of your plumbing system, your drain and sewer system is equally important. We offer exceptional drain and sewer services throughout the Auburn, MA area, including the installation of new drainpipes and sewer lines as well as trenchless technology and drain cleaning services. It’s imperative that your home drains wastewater effectively and efficiently to maintain the hygiene of your home.

Unclog Your Drains with Our Drain Cleaning Service

Over time, your drains accumulate various debris; including hair, soap scum and scraps of food. If your drains are slow or stopped up completely, then it’s time for our drain cleaning service. We can make sure that your drains are cleaned thoroughly and safely.

We Install and Service Water Heaters in Auburn, MA

The water heater is one of the most important appliances in the home. It is responsible for your hot showers, automatic dishwashing and for keeping your white clothes and linens clean. We can make sure that it continues to do so with our water heater services. Whether you need water heater repair or you need a new tank or tankless water heater installation, we can deliver. Our plumbers are available at all times to restore hot water to your home.

Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services in Auburn?

In addition to our many residential services, we also provide full commercial services to our clients in the Auburn, MA area, including commercial HVAC, plumbing, water heater and indoor air quality products. Whether your customers and employees are complaining about the heating and cooling, or you need your grease trap maintained regularly, we can make sure the job is done right the first time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with your commercial HVAC service needs. Call today.