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Trenchless Technology near Worcester, MA by HVAC Experts Inc.

Maintaining your plumbing system is vital if you hope to enjoy all of the luxury and convenience that this system makes possible. The truth of the matter is, though, that you are going to encounter problems with your plumbing system from time to time. There is nothing that can be done to keep every component of your plumbing system in outstanding working condition at all times. There are certain plumbing services which are more involved than others, and at one time one of the most disruptive and inconvenient of these is the repair and replacement of your water or sewer lines. All of that has changed though, thanks to trenchless technology (also known as no–dig technology). If you need a buried plumbing line on your property serviced or replaced, call HVAC Experts Inc. of Worcester, MA to take advantage of our trenchless technology service.

HVAC Experts Inc. provides trenchless technology services near Worcester, MA and the surrounding areas.

What is Trenchless Technology? (A.K.A. No–Dig Pipe Replacement & Repair)

Your drain and sewer lines, as well as your water main, are buried beneath the ground on your property. That’s all well and good, until these pipes break, burst, or are otherwise compromised. When this happens, you realize pretty quickly just how inconvenient having these components buried beneath the ground can really be. Accessing them for repair or replacement services can be a real hassle. This hassle is largely averted, though, with the use of trenchless technology.

With trenchless technology, it is possible to greatly minimize the disruption of servicing your sewer or water lines. Special equipment is used to pull a replacement pipe into place, or to line the old pipe with a hardening material to repair leaks. Not only does this reduce the amount of time the job takes while protecting your property, but it is also a more cost effective solution. To learn more about how trenchless technology works, just call the experts on our staff.

The Benefits of Using Trenchless Technology

As we said above, using trenchless technology is a great way in which to make your sewer or water line repair or replacement services much more convenient. Why is this? Well, before trenchless technology burst onto the scene, the entire pipe would have to be excavated to allow for removal or repair. This meant that anything in the way on the surface would have to be torn out and removed, be it your walkway or a prized tree. Such issues are no longer relevant thanks to trenchless technology.

A large ditch is no longer needed for pipe removal or repair. Instead, a pit is dug at each end of the section in question. Powerful machinery is used to drag a new pipe into place. A fixture at the front of the replacement will either burst/split the old pipe, or it will just be forced out by the new one. It is also possible to drag a pipe liner in in the same manner, allowing for easy repairs. The liner adheres to interior of the damaged pipe, and hardens to create a seal. With this in mind, remember to take advantage of our trenchless technology, should you find yourself in need of sewer or water line services near the Worcester area. Call HVAC Experts Inc. for more details.